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an imageFabulous Finger Food
Wanted to taste any hot or cold finger food, seafood, pastries, meat or any vegetarian food for your cocktail parties? Here in Finger you’ll be able to taste foods that are succulent and a budget friendly catering service. We are open for any events of your life even children’s parties are welcome. We serve finger food such our tempting mini pizzas, petite savoury squares, seafood rolls, cocktail spring rolls and many more.

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an imageCocktail Parties are a winner
Design your own menu for your upcoming party. If you are a creative one, you’ll be able to pick and mix foods of your choice. We offer 60 items of food to pick out, check items with its mark price, by then you will be able to know the worth that you will pay whether it is right to budget or not. If not our staff will help you to meet what you want and make a deal that’s convenient for you. If you wanted our Chef’s to help you on picking your food to assure you that it’s a good choice of food, we have our Chef’s Specials. By this it is easier than picking on your own menu, time saving especially when you don’t have enough time to pick food.

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an imageGet in early for your party
Having a big crowd or a small one for your party isn’t that a big problem. Here in we find ways. We cater any numbers of population, we have our buffet catering services that is suit for any cocktail parties, business or corporate events. Our friendly staffs will help you and serve you best for you to not to worry for possible problems that you will encounter when that day will come.

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an imageSpecialist office catering
We serve finger foods that are fresh and well-cooked by our creative Chef’s. Foods that are European and Asian inspired which are tempting and appetizing even a non-vegetarian person will love to taste it. We can cater any size of your guests. If you are planning for a private gathering we will help you for that day. We can help you from delivering food on your most convenient time and place. You can contact us anywhere in Australia, call us and we will be there.

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an imageSpecial Wedding Menus
Special moment like your wedding needs a special catering services that will you customized the perfect menu for the perfect moment. will be your partner for that occasion. We can give you an elegant buffet or a cocktail party of your dream. Contact us and let’s talk and we will be there for you, and we will work us your partner for that special day of your life.

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